Camera Telematics’ new CTAI – Covid Temperature Sensor protects Doolys’ employees from symptoms of Coronavirus

Camera Telematics today announced that Doolys chain of restaurants have introduced a temperature monitoring solution developed by Camera Telematics: ‘CTAI Covid Temperature Sensor’, that uses infrared imaging technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to conduct a non-invasive, preliminary screening of employees entering a Doolys restaurant.

The CTAI Covid Temperature Sensor uses thermal cameras and AI to detect elevated facial temperature. As individuals pass in front of a high-resolution, thermal imaging camera, skin temperature is automatically detected and displayed on an accompanying monitor.

The CTAI Covid Temperature Sensor alerts a person with an elevated temperature to seek additional screening. In addition, the sensor also has the ability to detect whether an individual is wearing a mask and if not, recommend that a mask needs to be worn.

The sensor can also be linked to door entry systems, whereby access is denied based on temperature results. All data is recorded and therefore Doolys gain real-time information about personnel entering their restaurants, enabling them to take measures to keep their premises safe and secure.

Mark Stamper, Managing Director, Camera Telematics comments: “Protecting worker safety is the top priority for any organisation and in particular those that operate in the catering sector, whereby today, more than ever, managers are looking for innovative solutions to enhance their health screening processes”.

“The CTAI Covid Temperature Sensor can be rapidly deployed at the entryway of most commercial premises, including pubs, restaurants, airports, to quickly identify whether personnel exhibit an elevated temperature – and, therefore, are at greater risk of viral illness.”

The partnership between Camera Telematics and Doolys was instigated through Graphic Image, the specialist design and print agency that supply a range of Covid 19 related signage and print solutions to a range of businesses and recommended the Camera Telematics technology to Doolys as part of their Covid 19 protective measures.

Alan Dooly, Director, Dooly Foods Ltd comments: “Protecting worker safety is the top priority for Doolys. We were looking for innovative solutions to enhance our employees’ health screening processes and were recommended the Camera Telematics CTAI Covid Temperature Sensor by our signage partners, Graphic Image. For the last four weeks, we have been screening our staff hourly using three Camera Telematics’ Covid sensors without any issues. Our employees are comfortable with the technology and the process of screening. In addition, through a database of staff records, we can better manage staff rotation throughout our restaurants and better manage the Covid risk.”


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