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Camera Telematics global expansion continues with growing 3Dtracking partnership



3Dtracking joins a growing list of Camera Telematics partners and has fully integrated the Street Angel into their fleet management platform.

“The years of R&D invested in the Street Angel continue to bear fruit. Years prior, we knew the importance of the decision before us: put together a telematics system out of third-party parts like our competitors, or put our money where our mouth is and invest all-out in the creation of a system that is both unique to our brand and of genuinely exceptional quality.  We are thrilled to continue building our relationship with 3Dtracking. As any good business-person knows, the best arrangements provide mutual benefit; Street Angel’s growing use worldwide has aided the expansion of the 3Dtracking service and ensures that roads remain safe for both HGVs and the public”

Mark Stamper
Group Managing Director of Camera Telematics

Development of the flagship Street Angel system continues with the recent addition of features such as iOS and Android tracking apps and expanded reporting capability.

About Camera Telematics

Camera Telematics provides sophisticated vehicle telematics systems and software to its global clients and partners. Headquartered in Ireland with further offices located in Berkshire, the company continues to refine its Street Angel VEDR and iC360 multi-camera systems for provision to a global audience of commercial and private fleet owners, insurance brokers and private drivers.

About 3Dtracking

3Dtracking’s fleet management platform is sold though its partner network across more than 70 countries worldwide.  With more than 100,000 devices reporting to 3Dtracking’s systems every day, 3Dtracking is a global leader in fleet management software.

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